Upcycled style

Upcycing is about rediscovering, repurposing and reusing previously unwanted objects.

Another name for this activity is reclaimism

Upcycling is the art of giving old products new value. It is also known as 'creative reuse'.

The basic idea is to take something old, worn and broken, and rebuild it into something new that maintains the charm of the original physical object.

It offers shopping lovers the thrill of the chase … rummaging through markets and hunting online or through second hand stores for that quirky collectable or unexpected discovery.

It takes a knowing eye to recognise the use of quality materials and evidence of skilled workmanship.

It involves the use of our imagination in the process of fixing things up and personalising objects to our own liking.

It is hugely satisfying - incorporating upcycled or reclaimed items into our homes gives expression to our creativity and delivers more satisfaction with the final result than simply buying something can ever generate.

Upcycling is a smart way to escape the cycle of buying cheap and nasty things.

It can be an extremely cost-effective way to furnish our homes, and with the money saved, over time we can enjoy buying selected key quality items made with skill by craftspeople and artisans.

Upcycling can enrich our lives by helping us celebrate and enjoy objects that tell a story or otherwise have meaning and value for us.

It’s a means by which we can escape meaningless consumerism and discover and develop new skills.

Most importantly, it’s about starting right where we are. Instead of tossing things out we work with what we have got.

Surely the best forms of interior decorating are more than simply mimicking a style or simply ripping out what was there before and replacing it with something new.

Rather it’s about creating spaces that feel good to be in, that convey a sense of belonging for the people who live there.

Upcycled style is about having the confidence to surround ourselves with things that express our personal style, that have meaning for us, or that tell a story. And it is the addition of those subtle touches that can help make a house a home.

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